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When it comes to saving money on your income taxes, it is important that you have a TAX SAVING PLAN - strategies to take advantage of the many tax-savings opportunities the CURRENT IRS Rules allow you. It's equally important to make well infomed tax decisions and avoid common tax mistakes that could result in additional taxes, IRS penalties, or even an IRS audit.

Here you will find important tax & financial information to help you minimize your income tax bill, avoid IRS penalties, reduce your audit risk, and enjoy peace of mind. Please visit often as I update new information and money-saving tax and financial strategies throughout the year! 


I've also prepared a FREE TAX-SAVING STRATEGIES PLAN: You'll get 88 Core Tax-Saving Principles, Strategies & Techniques you can use whether your tax return is simple or complex; whether you work as an employee or for yourself; even if you're retired. These are tired-and-true strategies that have stood the test of time regardless of the tax law changes. They're simple, easy-to-use tax-saving principles anyone can use, year-after-year. Call me at 561-746-1926 or 561-339-8102 to request your FREE COPY either by mail or e-mail. There's absolutely no cost or obligation.

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