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New Business Start-Up Assistance

Starting a new business requires careful consideration of many tax and non-tax issues.

Here are some questions to consider as you get your business up and running.

• What legal form is most appropriate for my business?

• What federal and state taxes will my business be responsible for?

• What types of expenses are deductible and not deductible? (Please call for my Business Tax Deduction Checklist)

• How can I minimize my taxes, avoid IRS penalties, and reduce my audit risk?

• What types of retirement plans are available to reduce my taxes and save for retirement?

• What type of business records do I need to keep, how do I keep them, and for how long?

• What do I need to do if I hire employees or independent contractors?

• How do I pay myself as a business owner?

• What are the reasons the IRS or state will audit my business taxes?

• What types of insurance do I need to protect myself and my business?

With 29+ years experience assisting individuals and small businesses, I can help you make well informed decisions and avoid common mistakes many new business owners make. 

For a FREE, Confidential, No-Obligation Consultation, call me at 561-746-1926 or 561-339-8102 and it will be my pleasure to speak with you in person, ore over the phone. Any information your share with me will be kept 100% confidential.