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Change of Address

Change of Address

If you change your address, it is important to promptly notify the IRS using Form 8822 Change of Address (personal return) or Form 8822-B (business return).

You should use your new address when you file your tax return with the IRS.

If you do not E-File your return but rather mail your return to the IRS, be sure to use the correct IRS mailing address for your new address.

You should also notify the U.S. Post Office along with any other parties you may have business with.

This will ensure that you file your return with the correct IRS location and recieve any IRS letters or notices from the IRS.

Remember, it is your responsibility, and not the responsibility of the IRS, to be sure you have your correct address on file.

The IRS will send letters or notices to the address they have on file for you. 

The IRS will not attempt to research your new address.

If you fail to update your address, you risk not receiving IRS letters and notices which can result in expensive IRS penalties and interest charges should a tax issue or problem come up that needs to be resolved.

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