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The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a free service from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

EFTPS is a convenient way to make federal tax payments online or by phone, 24/7.

Who Can Participate?

EFTPS is available for businesses, individuals, financial institutions, payroll companies, and tax practitioners.

What Taxes Can Be Paid Using EFTPS?

Once enrolled, your business can use EFPTS to make tax payments electronically for the followinf taxes:

Form 720--------------------Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return

Form 940--------------------Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Return

Form 941--------------------Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return

Form 943--------------------Employer's Annual  Tax Return For Argiculture Employees

Form 945--------------------Annual Return Of Withheld Income Tax Return

Form 990-C-----------------Farmer's Cooperative Association Income Tax Return

Form 990--PF---------------Return of Private Foundation

Form 990-T-----------------Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return Section 4947 (a) (1) Charitable Trust Treated As A Private Foundation

Form 1041------------------Fiduciary Income Tax Return

Form 1042------------------Annual Withholding Tax Return For U.S. Sources Of Income Of Foreign Persons

Form 1120------------------U.S. Corproation Income Tax Return

Form CT-1------------------Employer's Annual Railroad Retirement Tax Return

Section 4947 (a)(1)-------Charitable Trust Treated As A Private Foundation

In addition, you can use EFPTS to make non-depository payments of Federal:

1-Income Tax

2-Estimated Tax

3-Estate Tax

4-Gift Tax

5-Employment Tax

6-Various Specified Excise Taxes

You MUST Enroll In The EFTPS Program-You have 2 Options

1.Visit www.eftps.gov

Select the enrollment tab

Select business or individual

Enter the requested information



2.You can enroll by phone 888-725-7879

NOTE: Gather your information such as your taxpayer identification number (Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number; Bank account number and routing number; & Name and address as they appear on your tax documents)

**Check with your financial institution to be sure you can use them for EFTPS.

Get Your Temporary Password

After you receive your PIN and enrollment number from the IRS, call 800-982-3526 to get a temporaty Internet password.

**You will need to setup a regular password after this.

How To Make Tax Payments Using EFTPS

1-Online at www.eftps.gov

2-By Phone 800-555-3453 for businesses or 800-315-4829 for individuals

Questions, Customer Service & Help

800-555-4477 for businesses

800-316-6541 for individuals.


You're responsible for making tax payments-----------on time.

You are still required to pay any tax by the due date and file all tax returns by their due date to avoid potential penalties and interes charges.

If you use a payroll company or other party to make your tax payments for you, always verify EACH MONTH that a payment was in fact made on your behalf.

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