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IRS Penalty Relief


If you are facing any number of the various IRS penalties, you may be able to get full or partical relief-if you made an honest effort to fully comply with the tax law, but were unable to meet your tax obligations, due to circumstances beyond your control.

NOTE: The IRS does not abate interest charges for reasonable cause or as first time relief. Interest is charged by law and will continue until your account is fully paid.

If any of your penalties are waived or reduced, the IRS will automatically waive or reduce the related interest charges.

The following types of relief are offered by the IRS:

1-Reasonable Cause (Based on the facts and circumstances for your specific situation).

2-First Time Penalty Abatement (First time you're subject to a penalty).

3-Administrative Waiver (Receiving incorrect oral and or written advice from the IRS).

4-Statutory Exception (Tax legislation may provide an exception to a penalty).

It is important to immediately respond to all IRS Notices and try to settle your tax issues as quickly as possible.

Save all notices and correspondence from and with the IRS.

IRS problems do not go away by themselves and penalties and interest charges can quickly be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You should make every possible effort to get current with your tax filings even if you can't pay all of the tax due. This will be required by the IRS for possible relief.

AND YES, the IRS does want to help you resolve your tax issues as quickly and as easily and efficient as possible. 

But, it's a two-way street and you DO have to do your part as well in a timely and professional manner.

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