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Non-Deductible Expenses & Losses


Many taxpayers mistakenly think various expenses and losses are deductible.

The following are common expenses and losses which are NOT deductible: (The list is NOT all inclusive) Do not assume that just because an expense is not on this list it can be deducted. 

1-Child Support Payments

2-Burial, Cremation, Cemetery, or Funeral expenses

3-Reimbursed expenses

4-Loss on the sale of a personal residence

5-Loss on the sale of personal use assets & property

6-Social Activities Programs

7-Bribes, Fines, & Penalties in violation of law

8-Federal Income Taxes

9-Campaign contributions

10-Lobbying donations/expenses

11-Personal Family & Living Expenses

12-Marriage License

13-Life Insurance Premiums

14-Personal Disability Insurance Premiums

15-Membership dues to athletic clubs, country clubs, health clubs, recreational clubs, & social clubs

16-Expenses associated with producing tax-exempt income

17-Personal use of an automobile or other vehicle

18-Personal credit card interest

19-Expenses associated with attending a shareholder meeting solely as an investor or shareholder

20-Estate planning fess

21-Clothing suitable for everyday wear even if used for work purposes

22-The value of wages or other income that was never received

23-Hobby losses

24-Lost or misplaced cash or personal items

25-Investment conventions & seminars expenses

26-Professional accrediation, certification, & licensing exam fees

27-Capital improvements, additions, appliances, HOA fees, utility fees, personal telephone fees, & maintenance and repair expenses for a personal residence

28-Vacation expenses

29-Car License

30-Personal Home: capital improvements, insurance, lawn care, maintenance, repairs, rent, and security systems.

31-Personal & Family Living Expenses

32-Bank fees on a personal bank account

33-Commuting mileage and the cost of transportation between your home and you main or regular place of work

34-Life Insurance Premiums

35-Lobbying Expenses

36-Personal legal expenses

37-Political Contributions

38-Annual fees on personal credit cards

39-Bar & Professional Exam Fees for initial licensing (Attorney's, CPA's, Dentists, Doctors, etc)

40-Late payment charges by a public utility

41-Personal meals

42-Gift Tax

43-Inheritance Tax

44-Estate Tax

45-Job Hunting Expenses for a NEW trade or business

46-Tax Filing and Tax Payment penalties & interes charges


For an expense to be deductible, it must be specifically allowed by the tax code.

Even if allowed, certain expenses have various criteria and requirements that must be met and will often depend on each taxpayer's specific tax situation and circumstance.

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