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How To Protect Yourself Against Tax Identity Theft With An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

With tax identity fraud and theft becoming such a problem, you may want to consider getting an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS.

An Identity Protection PIN is a unique 6-digit number assigned to eligible taxpayers that helps prevent the misuse of their Social Security Number on fraudulent federal income tax returns.

Taxpayers enter their 6-digit Identity Protection PIN, along with their Social Security Number on their federal income tax return each year.

This way, the IRS matches both the taxpayer's Social Security Number and their Identity Protection PIN before processing the tax return. The Identity Theft Protection PIN acts as an additional safeguard against thieves filing a fraudulent tax return with just a Social Security Number.

Taxpayers must request an Identity Protection PIN by contacting the IRS.

After an Identity Protection PIN is assigned, the IRS will automatically send the taxpayer a letter each year with their 6-digit number to be used for that year.

It is critical to protect your 6-digit number to keep it confidential, just like it is for your Social Security Number.

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