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The BEST way to reduce your risk of an IRS Audit is to file and accurate and complete income tax return, either prepared by yourself, or by a reputable and honest tax professional.

Remember, even if you use a tax preparer, you, as the taxpayer are ultimately responsible for what is reported and not reported on your tax return. Before signing and filing your return, you should review your entire tax return and be sure you have proper records to back up every item on the return.

Here are 7 tips for reducing your chance of an IRS audit:

1- Be thorough and exact. Submit an accurate and complete income tax return with all required tax forms, schedules, and worksheets.

2- Avoid round numbers like $100, $2000, $6000. This looks like you''re guessing or making up numbers.

3- Attach additional explanations for items the IRS may question. 

4- Avoid ambiguous or general or miscellaneous expenses. Be specific when describing each expense and deduction.

5- If you are a business owner in a corporation, avoid taking large distributions. You must be an payroll as an employee.

6- Report ALL of your income.

7- Avoid problem tax preparers or tax preparation offices on the IRS watchdog list.

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