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Selecting a tax preparer is a very important decision and one that shouldn't be made lightly.

Be VERY careful in selecting the person (or company) who will prepare your tax return.

Here's why.

Each year, throughout the United States, the U.S. Justice Department's Tax Division, in collaboration with the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Attorney's Offices, files dozens of cases against unscrupulous and incompenent tax preparers AND small and (sometimes even the well known national) tax preparation chains and franchises for intentionally preparing and filing fraudulent tax returns to maximize their customers' tax refunds.

Information about these cases is available on the Justice Department website.

They do so to extract large tax preparation fees, as well as various other charges form their customers.

The tax preparation industry, for the most part, has very little regulation and oversight, unlike other professions like doctors and lawyers. 

Many tax preparers today have little, if any tax preparation experience. They open up their own businesses or work for others.

It may surprise you that, at the large national tax preparation chains and franchises, all the return preparers need to do is basically take a short tax preparation course to get hired. Of course, many, not all, do this to earn some extra side money.

The tax preparation industry needs to start treating tax preparation as a respected profession. Until then, these abuses will continue.

TAX TIP: Remember, it is important to know that even if someone else prepares you return, YOU are ultimately responsible for all the information on the return.

Customer's of abusive return preparers are, at best, stuck with paying additional taxes, penalties, and interest, and at worst, depending on the culpability, subject to criminal presecution.

Before signing and filing your tax return, review the entire return for accuracy and completeness. 

Taxpayers should be careful when choosing a return preparer. You should be as careful as you would in choosing a doctor or lawyer.

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