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As a taxpayer and a valued paying client, you deserve courteous and prompt service from your CPA.

CPA's, like any other service provider, should assist their clients whenever they have questions, need assistance, or seek guidance.

CPA's should provide clients with accurate, complete, and relevant information to help clients make informed decisions, avoid mistakes, and achieve their goals.

Below are some questions you will want to consider to see if your CPA is providing you with 5-Star Client Service:

1-Does my CPA promptly return my telephone calls?

2-Does my CPA keep me informed and up-to-date all year long with relevant information, ideas, and suggestions?

3-Does my CPA provide accurate, complete, and timely information in plain-English?

4-Does my CPA answer my questions and address my concerns?

5-Is my CPA available whenever I have a question or need assistance?

6-Do I feel as though my CPA really cares about me and has my best interests at heart?

7-Does my CPA provide timely service and keep me informed when preparing my tax returns?

8-Does my CPA personally prepare my taxes from start-to-finish or outsource my return to an office assistant or third party?

As service providers, CPA's are in a unique position to help people if they choose to do so. Earning a client's trust and respect will benefit both the client and their CPA by building a valued long-term relationship.

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