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If you've made an error on a filed tax return you already filed or came across new information relevant to your taxes, file an amended tax return as soon as possible with the IRS.

Form 1040-X is used to amend a personal income tax return already filed with the IRS.

Form 1040-X can be either mailed to the IRS or E-Filed (at the current time only tax year 2019 can be e-filed if the original return was also e-filed.).

If filing a paper Form 1040-X, mail it to the IRS address listed in the form's instructions. 

If filing a paper Form 1040-X in response to an IRS letter or notice, mail it to the address indicated in the letter or notice.

Attach copies of any tax forms or schedules affected by the change.

File a separate Form 1040-X for each tax year.

If mailing, mail each amended return in a separate envelope.

Enter the tax year at the top of each Form 1040-X.

WAIT, if expecting a tax refund for the original return to be processed before filing an amended return.

Taxpayers should file an amended return to claim a refund within 3 years from the date they timely filed their original tax return or within 2 years from the date they pay the tax, whichever is later.

Track the status of an amended return three weeks after mailing using the Where's My Amended Return? tool on the IRS website.

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